Walking the Arroyo

It’s late afternoon in Los Angeles, and my sight has been focused on a screen for a few hours. The same was likely true of yesterday, a choice to manipulate bits of material acting as memory distributed across oceans.

Within an environment so abstract there is sometimes difficulty placing oneself within it, both in time (where did it go?) and space (where is here?) It’s hard to pull yourself away. It goes against the use-case.

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Mt Whitney

Jon has an extra permit for Mount Whitney, so I’ll tag along. Whitney has never been on the list of places do go as it’s the tallest mountain the lower 48, and because of that

We’re heading up the 395. Always a favorite with the tectonic ripples and folds along the way. A couple weeks ago we caught a letcutre at Mount Wilson Observatory by geologist Tanya Atwater, who has contributed immensely to research on plate tectonics, specifically around southern California and the San Andreas fault. She talked a lot about this area.

Before long we’ve arrived at Whitney Portal and set up camp to acclimate a little to the elevation and get an early start tomorrow.

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